Microexpression training

Micro Expressions & Deception Detection

Subjects Covered in our courses:

  • -Micro Expressions
  • - The 7 Universal Emotions
  • -AThe 7 Universal Expressions
  • -Body Language
  • -Nonverbal Communication
  • -Deception Detection
  • -3 Days of our Full Attention - Focusing only on you and your training!
  • -Strictly first-come, first-served.

What you will receive:

Your Training is presented by the only IMEXA Certified Master Nonverbal Communication Trainer in South Africa and Cyprus

You receive printed study material when you attend a course

You have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want answered

You get to complete the online & Video exams

Unlimited access (online viewing or download) of the Masters of Micro Expressions Training Videos

Your IMEXA Accredited Certification

Your First year Membership to IMEXA free

IMEXA is the International Micro Expressionist Assosiation.Visit their Website for more info:

Subjects Covered in our courses:

  • What is Nonverbal Communication (Body Language)
  • Micro Expressions
  • Macro Expressions
  • Illustrators
  • Emblems
  • Affect Displays
  • Manipulators
  • Regulators
  • Micro Gestures
  • The 7 Main Universal Human Emotions
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Surprise
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Fear
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Disgust & Contempt
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Anger
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Happiness
  • The Universal Facial Expressions of Sadness
  • The Muscles of the Human Face
  • Congruence of Emotions and Facial Expressions
  • Eye Contact
  • Eye Movement
  • Listening
  • Facial Deceit
  • Lying
  • The Emotional & Conversational Signals of Brows
  • Lies that Fail

You will also learn:
What is said or not said / What is Lying (Deception) / Why people Lie / How people Lie / Different types of Lies / Why it is impossible to maintain Lying / Good & Bad Liars & Lying Techniques / Deflection / Vagueness / Projection / Shame & Guilt / Fear vs. Guilt / Human Emotions / Lying vs. Exaggeration / Smiles whilst lying / Know the Lie vs. Why the Lie / How to detect lies / Paralinguistics / Baseline Behaviour / How to determine Baseline Behaviour / Example Baseline Behaviour Questions / Mistakes and Dangers in Wrongful Interpretation / Why mistakes are made in Interpretation.

South Africa


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